I want a new duck

Congratz to those that got the Weird Al/Huey Lewis reference. I don’t actually want a duck, well, I do, but not for this post. Who doesn’t want a duck? Anyway! What I really need is a new way of doing things. All sorts of things. Things like meal prep, work prep, working, doing hobbies(starting and […]

D&D: The Next Generation

Today, with a group of my friends, Liam and I played Basic D&D. Yes, it was old school, red box D&D, and from all accounts, everyone had a good time. My good friend Ben thought that, since we were all in quarantine, we might as well make use of video conference tools and do an […]

Quarantine 2020

Or; How I got hooked on StarDew Valley. It’s really strange times that we’re living in. Spring break has been over for a week(it’s two weeks in BC) and we’re just starting a kind of home schooling for Liam. His teacher had a class meeting using Microsoft Teams last Friday, and it went kinda poorly. […]

West Coast vibe

We’ve been here a little over two years now, and I’m starting to know my way around the place. Somewhat. In those two years Tara and I have found work, Liam’s had two years of school(can’t believe that he’s going into grade 3) and Evie’s grown by leaps and bounds. We’ve found a place of […]

Ain’t got time for that!

I commute to work. I like commuting to work. Would I like working out of my kitchen more, sure, probably, but since I can’t do that, I commute, and I like it. Really sounds like I’m trying to convince  myself of something doesn’t it? But I really do like it. I’m not driving, and this […]


The last time we checked in with our intrepid hero, he was whining about something! But since then much time has passed, and not much has been done. I’ve been looking for work and had many interviews. Some on the phone, some in person, and for the most part it was fruitless. I should just […]


Like most newer vehicles the van has various display settings that I can cycle through, like trips, temp, speed and DTE, which I assume stands for Distance Till Empty.  This is the setting I’ve been using the most on this trip as it’s a good idea to know how much has you have left when […]

Go West

Life is peaceful there…. And now it’s stuck in your head, you’re welcome.  It is a surreal feeling to have all of ones physical possessions packed in a trailer and driving west to a new start.  I almost feel like a pioneer. In a minivan, and unlikely to die of dysentery(unless I have too much […]

Three days in Ontario 

The end of day three is here.  I’m sitting in a hotel room in the dark while Liam and Evelyn are sleeping. This is the second night with separate hotel rooms, and I think we’ll keep it this way.  I snore and Tara is a light sleeper these days. We’re at our best if we […]

Final Goodbyes

The trailer is rented, the final packing is under way, and we’ve made some trips tot he dump and the domation centers to help clear out the house.And through it all I haven’t really had much time to take it all in. People keep asking me how I’m doing, and honestly, I’m just tired. It’s […]